Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I really don't know how Halloween passed without hardly any pictures taken.
Costumes this year:
Shelly--Little Red Riding Hood
Dave--The Hunter (because he ends up with Red in the end, right?)

Here is a vid when we first bought Charlie's costume. Both were very excited!!

Pete, the proud winner of the cupcake walk, enjoying his spoils.

One night when I was out, Dave went upstairs for "only a second" and came down to the boys splashing around in an inch deep water in the kitchen. It began with the kitty water and then moved to water from the bathroom sink. Charlie tells, "Pete was filling his cup in the sink and watching him do that made me want to do it too!" I just have to ask, though, really, only a second?? Pete is getting pretty good at wiping up messes, he's required to do it a lot.


Season said...

That second video really makes me laugh.

Mad Hadder said...

So did Dave learn HIS lesson??

Bainter Family Antics said...

You got two good chuckles from me. It's amazing what can only happen in "a second" isn't it. I could tell stories about Steve.....