Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh let these days last forever

Had I known that getting the toddler bed would have fixed all our bed and nap time issues, I would have done it a long time ago. Charlie just loves his bed. It is not out of the ordinary for him to put himself down for a nap.

Today I was finishing up lunch with Pete. I told Charlie to go upstairs and put his on pull-up. He came down having changed into some more comfortable pants than he was wearing before (sometimes he changes into his pajamas all together). I got a hug and a couple very nice kisses and he told me he didn't need me to come up and help him.

After about 10-15 min, I went up to check on him. The door was wide open, so I peeked in and he was sound asleep in his bed with his blanket pulled over him. I saw he even tried to pull the blinds shut and close the curtains.

I know this probably isn't what every kid does. But, oh man, I'm loving it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh do you know the mushroom man?

A good time on a family hike:

The emerging naturalist.

Pete having a good time in the backpack...

Charlie being mad because he doesn't get to be in the backpack anymore...

But he perked up real quick! Sporting his walking stick, gift from Mary Jayne Trimmer.

Some pretty fungi on a log...

And crash!

Friday, September 11, 2009

...With A Bear Behind

This is an animation that my very creative cousin, Travis Eberhard, created. He has entered it in a contest. Please watch it and go here to rate it and leave a comment (need to sign up to leave a comment.) This would really help him out. And it is a pretty cute little animation.

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After a fun afternoon with friends and a bar-b-que:
Dave: "Was that a fun time or what?"
Charlie: "What."
(Shelly and Dave snickering)

Looking good after a fresh bath and haircut:
Shelly: "Charlie, do you look awesome or what!?"
Charlie: "What, mom, what."

Shelly was looking out the window during breakfast.
Charlie: "What do you see, mom?"
Shelly: "Oh, I see trees and grass and the such."
Charlie: "Mom, there's no such."

After watching the new "Dinosaur Train" on PBS twice, later in the car:
Charlie: "I don't have a hypothesis."
Shelly: "You don't have a hypothesis?"
Charlie: "I want a hypothesis."
(The little t-rex on the show is always saying, "I have a hypothesis.")

Charlie was looking at large pile of books.
Shelly: "Wow, Charlie, you're going through a lot of books there."
Charlie: "Yes, I'm mam."
(not a typo there.)

National Aquarium

Last Friday we took a trip to Baltimore to the National Aquarium.

Charlie and the gaping Megalon jaw.

Snapshot just before the Dolphin show started.

Showing our excitement!!

This baby dolphin was too wiggly (like other toddlers I know) and I just couldn't get a good picture. But he DOES blow bubbles on command!

Look closely and you'll see that even Pete got a good splash!

The USS Constellation
A little snip-it from the website:
"USS Constellation, the last all sail warship built by the US Navy, is open to the public as a museum in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The USS Constellation Museum invites guests to discover life on board the only Civil War era vessel still afloat and explore the ship's maritime history."

Oh man, oh man, the Jellyfish exhibit was super cool. I could have stayed in there forever! Very mysterious and weird. Watch this neat video.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think we're ready for that Superman cape, Grandma

One in the skivvies...

And one in the PJ's.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New bed

We finally broke down and got a toddler bed for Charlie. We debated even doing the toddler bed step but finally decided it was okay. Found this sleigh bed at Walmart for $55, when used ones online were $75+. And then added the Lightning McQueen bed set.

He loves it. Most of our bedtime problems are now fixed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Alright, so I'm a bit behind. We took a 3 week trip west to see family.
Here are a few of the highlights:

Good times with Cousin Lily

A cool zipline! I had to bump Charlie to the beginning of the line before he changed his mind. I knew that if he waited in line long enough, he wouldn't do it.

Dog pile! Wake up, Uncle Tom!

Rough night?

Feeding Obama and Dolly Llama

Getting dirty on Grammy's farm.

A windy day at the lake.

A visit to the Children's museum

The baby llama finally came!!

Lots and lots....

and lots of cousins!

20 grandkids + 12 adults + 6 nights in a cabin = chaos and a whole lot of fun!

Taking a family "nap".

A good ol' fashioned family.

A pic with my honey.

This is my favorite. Charlie fell asleep on the kayak on the lake with Dave. I love how his cheeks fall over the life vest. He took about an hour nap out there.

Pete started on rice cereal just before we came home because he just couldn't wait any longer!! He was hungry and wouldn't sleep at night for very long.

We also took a trip up to Bozeman, MT to see Dave's parents. It was a very uneventful but relaxing time, thus no pictures.