Thursday, September 10, 2009


After a fun afternoon with friends and a bar-b-que:
Dave: "Was that a fun time or what?"
Charlie: "What."
(Shelly and Dave snickering)

Looking good after a fresh bath and haircut:
Shelly: "Charlie, do you look awesome or what!?"
Charlie: "What, mom, what."

Shelly was looking out the window during breakfast.
Charlie: "What do you see, mom?"
Shelly: "Oh, I see trees and grass and the such."
Charlie: "Mom, there's no such."

After watching the new "Dinosaur Train" on PBS twice, later in the car:
Charlie: "I don't have a hypothesis."
Shelly: "You don't have a hypothesis?"
Charlie: "I want a hypothesis."
(The little t-rex on the show is always saying, "I have a hypothesis.")

Charlie was looking at large pile of books.
Shelly: "Wow, Charlie, you're going through a lot of books there."
Charlie: "Yes, I'm mam."
(not a typo there.)


Mad Hadder said...

Just get the kid a hypothesis! I loved that.

Debby said...

I love the Charlie-isms :-)