Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kiddie pool and fascinating bubbles

We spent last Sat. clearing out the space by our front porch of leaves and clipped back some branches to make this little play area. We have no yard....yes, no yard, which is hard in the summer time. The ground is apparently too acidic for grass to survive well under where all the pine needles fall. Our neighbors gave us the turtle sand box, a little wheel barrel, and some toy garden tools. Today we set up the kiddie pool and it was too much fun. The water was pretty cold, straight from the hose!!

Did you know that bubbles can have a colorful shadow?? These are the shadow, or reflection rather, of some bubbles....and Charlie's toes.


...and mesmerized.

The spray-off...

Video of Charlie signing "cold" (arms bent and in fists, shaking like you are cold).

A day on the berry farm...

The strawberry crop this year has been damaged somewhat because of all the rain that we have been having. But we were still able to get some good ones and enjoy the fun things to do at this fun farm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bubble mania

I can already tell this is going to be the summer of bubbles.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quack quack

A friend of mine and her family raise ducks and chickens in their garage! She has 5 children and one is just 4 months. They also have lots of other animals, fish, birds, ferrets, dogs, etc.
"Let's go and let the chickens out!" she said and went to open the garage door.
Everyone came running/flying/clucking out. Let the mayhem begin!!
What a great time Charlie had. I even came home with a dozen or more eggs, some of which were still warm from this morning.

Here is my friend's little boy holding "Pearl", the family favorite mini-chicken. Isn't he cute?!

Charlie was really into the duck bath. He would have jumped right in there if I would have let him! He got pretty wet anyway.

A good day

Dave and Charlie really went all out this Mother's Day. First, Sunday morning Dave made apple cinnamon stuffed french toast. Super yum! (I don't have a pic of that.) Next, I requested gourmet grilled bleu cheese burgers for dinner. It has been raining like crazy here but we set up our little grill on the front porch right near the front door. Huge and juicy! This was followed up with strawberries and cream on Angel Food cake.

I didn't have any expectations for a gift for Mother's Day. We've been trying to save our money because we've been on a couple trips lately. Flying isn't cheap! But I also have to remember that Dave has a little bit of his parent's spending habits. They like to splurge and spoil. After a "Dave's signature" clue-hunt around the house, I was led to the big suitcase in the basement and found this: Pfaff Hobby 1142 sewing machine.

You really out did yourself this time, Dave. Thank you.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Silly 'sicle

I said, "Smile for the camera," and he got a little carried away.