Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quack quack

A friend of mine and her family raise ducks and chickens in their garage! She has 5 children and one is just 4 months. They also have lots of other animals, fish, birds, ferrets, dogs, etc.
"Let's go and let the chickens out!" she said and went to open the garage door.
Everyone came running/flying/clucking out. Let the mayhem begin!!
What a great time Charlie had. I even came home with a dozen or more eggs, some of which were still warm from this morning.

Here is my friend's little boy holding "Pearl", the family favorite mini-chicken. Isn't he cute?!

Charlie was really into the duck bath. He would have jumped right in there if I would have let him! He got pretty wet anyway.


ned or may said...

Charlie is so-o-o-o fun to enjoy! I laughed a lot at these videos. Mom

Jackie said...

he seriously loved those ducks! very cute. So you are on the ball with blogging! love it.

Mad Hadder said...

The first few seconds of the first video clip epitomize utter and complete joy and delight. I've played that part over and over.