Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A good day

Dave and Charlie really went all out this Mother's Day. First, Sunday morning Dave made apple cinnamon stuffed french toast. Super yum! (I don't have a pic of that.) Next, I requested gourmet grilled bleu cheese burgers for dinner. It has been raining like crazy here but we set up our little grill on the front porch right near the front door. Huge and juicy! This was followed up with strawberries and cream on Angel Food cake.

I didn't have any expectations for a gift for Mother's Day. We've been trying to save our money because we've been on a couple trips lately. Flying isn't cheap! But I also have to remember that Dave has a little bit of his parent's spending habits. They like to splurge and spoil. After a "Dave's signature" clue-hunt around the house, I was led to the big suitcase in the basement and found this: Pfaff Hobby 1142 sewing machine.

You really out did yourself this time, Dave. Thank you.


Mad Hadder said...

This looks like a great machine! Is it heavy? Yes, you had a tremendous day! Good for you!!

Tana said...

Yea for you! Happy mothers day. I just got a new machine after my ancient one died. It's a Bernina. I LOVE IT! I hope you love your too.

Amanda said...

A pfaff?? My mom and 2 sisters have one. Wow!! You really scored. You must be an excellent mother.