Sunday, November 27, 2011

We're talking COLOSSAL

I like that word lately.

How do I get so far behind!!??? Let me catch you up. If you find that you want to comment on a particular section, too bad. You'll just have to save all comments to the very end because, really, this post is just too big and I don't want to brake it up into little tiny posts. And 'cuz, we are ALL about colossal today.

I had a birthday and we went camping:

My yummy-lishious Chocolate Almond Coconut Ice Cream Cake.

Rosie's bed. She was the best camper of all!

Does it seem like a crazy idea to go rock climbing with a baby in a front carrier? I thought it was crazy too, even as it was happening. The boys loved it!

Halloween happened:

A ninja and Obi Wan Kenobi.

Halloween shenanigans.

Little Miss Kermit?

Bundled up for trick-or-treating.

Some good ol' family fun.

I made some stuff:

I want to start taking pictures of everything I make (doesn't always happen) in hopes that someday I'll start an Etsy shop.

My good friend, Colleen, (who just had her baby at 1:00 am this morning!!) was the recipient of this hat and...

...this onesie dress. I've since made a cute turquoise one with dragonflies for Rosie.

This hat has been my obsession the past week or so. I'm not sure what the ears are all about, though. It reminds me of a Peruvian llama.

It helps that Rosie is so good at modelling, too.

Basically my first attempt at patterning. This hat is for a friend. That's merino wool there, my friends.

Charlie's new hat. His old one got passed down to Pete.

Dave had a birthday:

The boys helped me make a "pirate lego star wars" cake.

Happy 31, Dave!

the loot...

Rosie turned 5 months, is eating cereal and sitting in the johnny jumper seat, then turned 6 months (today):

Documenting the first rice cereal eating.

Rosie L.O.V.E.S. her brothers. She always giggles when they are around.

The 6 month shoot:

Thanksgiving happened at a cabin with our friends, the Watsons:

Charlie and Kale.

Ta da! The fried turkey, it was delish!

Chillin' on the porch swing.

I don't know how this post compares with others in the past, but it may be my biggest and best yet!
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