Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day doings

Its not hard to tell where my two boys get their good looks. Dave really is a wonderful father. He is constantly down on the floor, playing with Charlie, making up fun games, singing, dancing, just hanging. He is so gentle with Petey and Pete loves to be held by his Dad.

Got this idea from Family Fun. It thought it was a perfect Father's Day treat for our family because they are called "Want Some Mower" cupcakes. When Charlie says "more" it sounds like "mower".

Monday, June 22, 2009

4 months, man!

I'm paranoid that I'm not documenting Pete like I did Charlie. I wanted to make sure I got lots of pictures and short clips of Pete on his 4 month birthday. Of course, it just so happens that he's not in any sort of smiley mood, but we did manage to capture some good stuff.

A little about Pete:

Pete is just a chill sort of kid. He smiles at anyone who will look at him. He is very ticklish and full of giggles too. He loves his brother, Charlie and watches him like a hawk. He loves to get his diaper changed, I know, weird. He loves to lay on his back and play. He's a great sleeper during the night and is getting the hang of daytime naps. He also sucks on his lips like they are a pacifier. It looks funny, kind of like an old man with no teeth. Super drooly and likes to suck on his fist or his dad's knuckle. Already in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothing, he is growing like a weed! However, he hides his weight well, like his dad. He must have bones of iron or something. He loves his little square Taggie while in the car seat and is a great traveler. His skin is a bit sensitive so I'm always putting Baby Aveno on dry patches and on his scalp. He has lost most of his baby hair and new growth has sprouted, coming in blonde!! All in all, he is a very congenial baby, easy to please and pacify. Feed him and sleep him and he'll have nothing to complain about.

His foot looks huge in this picture.


(Yummy waffles, strawberries and cream for breakfast.)

The days just fly by with Pete. He is growing up too fast!

Friday, June 19, 2009

D.C. with Grandma

Thanks Grandma! It was fun to see you for a day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well deserved, Beaker, well deserved

Congrats, old friend. Voted Best Music Video of the Year in the Webby People’s Voice Awards. Check it out on Muppet Central

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3 pictures from 3 trips in 4 years

July 2005 (honeymoon) Orlando

April 2008 Daytona Beach

May 2009 Ft. Walton Beach

Aspiring photographer

Here are a few pictures Charlie took:

Fun in Ft. Walton Beach

12 days in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida does a family good. The weather was wild and crazy at first but then we enjoyed some really nice days. The temperature of the gulf water is especially warm this year. Watch out for hurricane season!!

Beach and Pool Pics:

Charlie's footprints

Mom, Charlie and the alligators:

Ever heard of "Fudpuckers"? You may be trying to correct me by saying, "Fuddruckers." Nope, Fudpuckers is a destination restaurant with an "everything shop" and alligators!! We took a family photo with Dave and Charlie holding a real alligator but we'll have to scan that in later.

Little boy dreams

Charlie has become quite the talker. Strangers in the elevator, on the plane, on the street are amazed at what comes out of his mouth. It is almost like they can't believe their ears because they don't expect to understand him so well.

And usually I, the mother, understand about 90% of what he is trying to tell me. However, here is an example of that other 10%.

I got the same version of Charlie telling his dream about 5 times. All with the same indecipherable gibberish with slight variations. Words to listen for that are all I can understand: James, Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) and Lightening McQueen. It must have been some dream.