Saturday, April 28, 2012

A splurge

We conceived the idea and were on the road within 3 hours, on our way to Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia.  Not often do we just splurge and be spontaneous like that.  We had a "howling" of a time!  There is a HUGE indoor water park with tons of slides and all-things-fun-in-the-water.

Unfortunately, not many pictures were taken.  We were just having too much fun!  It was a pretty crazy place.
 Being all coy.

The boys have been dreaming of going golfing for a very long time.  Mini-golfing is just as good, right?

Pete would wind up really big and swing through.  Then we would duck, hoping for the best.  Surprisingly, every time he wasn't that far off.

 Turns out Charlie was a natural.  He got 2 "howls" in one.

Dave won. 

I stunk up the place majorly with my golfing "skills", if that's what we can even call them.

Trying to have a nap in an umbrella stroller isn't that easy.

Finished the course!

This was an awesome "ride".  



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riding bikes and making instruments

I took this on my phone.  I was so excited he'd figured it out that my words got a little tongue-tied.  This was a couple weeks ago.  He is riding like a pro now.  No help.  So fast.  Pete has, as you can see, upgraded from the tricycle to the bike with training wheels, which we borrowed from some neighbor friends.  He'll probably be riding by the end of the summer.  

This contraption was originally a marshmallow gun made by Grandpa Jerry.  They have since been taken apart and fashioned into all sorts of guns and...didgeridoo-like instruments.  Turn up your volume.