Monday, January 29, 2007

Our first night...

Our first night home with the little guy, and the only one who woke up screaming is Dave.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Charles David Myers!

Being the son of a scientist and an engineer, Charlie showed up exactly on his due date of January 26, 2007. He would like to have showed up right on time, but he blames the epidural for slowing his arrival until 2:03 am. Mother, however, is of the strong opinion that the epidural was worth every minute of those extra two hours. Father is still just trying to figure out happened.
The first moments after birth. Charlie just opened one eye and peered up at daddy.

Its tough starting life with everyone wanting to know how you measure up.

Daddy admiring his boy after all the poking and proding was through.

Charlie wanted to celebrate his birthday by staying up for almost twelve hours. Mom and Dad, not knowing what else to do, let him.

He's such a cute little guy, and easily soothed.

Dad had been predicting the black hair, Mom just loves it, as well as his furrowed brow.

When Dave goes on his long hikes in the summer, he is always sure to take a picture at the very beginning, when we are so positive and optimistic that everything will go smoothly and exactly as planned. Experience has shown that things are never as easy as was thought, work out as planned, or anywhere close to it, but that is where the adventure lies. This picture is kinda like that. I guess that's why this is the Adventure Myers Family.