Thursday, September 10, 2009

National Aquarium

Last Friday we took a trip to Baltimore to the National Aquarium.

Charlie and the gaping Megalon jaw.

Snapshot just before the Dolphin show started.

Showing our excitement!!

This baby dolphin was too wiggly (like other toddlers I know) and I just couldn't get a good picture. But he DOES blow bubbles on command!

Look closely and you'll see that even Pete got a good splash!

The USS Constellation
A little snip-it from the website:
"USS Constellation, the last all sail warship built by the US Navy, is open to the public as a museum in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The USS Constellation Museum invites guests to discover life on board the only Civil War era vessel still afloat and explore the ship's maritime history."

Oh man, oh man, the Jellyfish exhibit was super cool. I could have stayed in there forever! Very mysterious and weird. Watch this neat video.


Tom Giles said...

looks like charlie may have developed an early fear of jellyfish. "I'm DONE Seein'!"

Mad Hadder said...

We were at this very spot a few months ago in pouring rain after hours when nothing was happening. Looks like you had a little more fun. It IS awesome isn't it? Remember when you and I and Aunt Norma went there and saw the seahorse exhibit?

ned or may said...

I want to go to that Museum! It looks awesome. I think I need to live back there so I can experience all the great things there are to do. (The Museum of the Rockies doesn't compare.)