Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling purple

My good friend, Michelle, gave me a spa gift certificate for my birthday. And THEN offered to watch my boys today while I went and got pampered. Man, what would we do without such good friends who know what we need??!!

I have never gotten a pedicure before and only had my nails done for my wedding. But this was GREAT! I got all my cuticles cut, sitting in a massage chair, while soaking in a nice hot foot soak. My lady suggested I get the sea salt rub instead of the parrafin treatment. I guess she knew that my feet had never been "worked on" and they really needed it. Man, she went to town on my feet, scrubbing and clipping. She didn't speak much English and kept looking up at me, smiling, to see if I was happy.

Those spa ladies are funny. That is a whole new culture to me that I would love to be able to understand. While I was sitting there, a few other ladies came to do their own foot soak and pedicure because "they weren't busy", as one told me. They chatted, laughed, whispered, all while doing a great job on each others feet. And they have great feet! Perks of the job, I guess.

Ugly, overgrown cuticles and hang nails have always been a plague for me. But I'm free and clear now!! At least for a little while...

Thanks, Michelle.


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Debby said...

How fun!

matt and michelle ray said...

Awww, you totally deserve it! And all your nails look so pretty! Love ya!