Friday, November 12, 2010

A little jaunt

We managed to get out for a little hike around St. Mary's Lake this afternoon. We usually pack one of the boys in the backpack carrier and Dave carries most of the weight. But this time we packed the boys' little backpacks with our snacks and water and made THEM carry the weight. It was a nice change, though our pace was much slower.

Reader/viewer beware!!!
The following picture is a most scary shot of yours truly, in natural form. No make-up, bangs need a cutting, horrible angle, I could go on. It is just a good thing the rest of my family is so gosh dang good looking and I couldn't pass up posting this picture of us looking into the sunset. And I just wanted to make sure we weren't all thinking I am always as glammed-up as I was in my last post. I wouldn't want to lead you astray in anyway.

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Mad Hadder said...

Looks like winter is visiting you there! Good on ya for getting out and moving--tacky bangs and all.