Monday, September 6, 2010


1) My books and videos from the library.

2) An update on my blog.

3) A cleaning of my bathrooms.

What I'm going to do about it:
a) We're going to the library tomorrow and we'll pay our fine then.

b) I hope to get a good post in right now.

c) That may never happen.

Happenings in August:

I got a new computer. Yeah!!!! That was definitely an overdue event. We've been planning a purchase since last December and finally it happened. I'm fully satisfied with my new Mac. Now I can enjoy my time on the computer without having to pull out my hair with impatience. Old computers seem to just get worse and worse, slower and slower, exponentially, driving us further and further into insanity. We also got the iPod touch with a free rebate. Dave is fascinated in this world we live in. He can get the free Netflix app and be watching a movie in less than 1 min, all from the comfort of his own palm. I'm excited about being able to send documents that people will actually be able to open!! And being able to skype my family.

Pete turned 18 months and is hating Nursery. Hopefully that is short lived. He is so good otherwise. Here is a vid featuring the Pete Man and our homegrown melon:

A day trip to Oldtown Alexandria:

The invasion of the mini-frogs:

The entire crop of this year's carrots. All pretty puny but the picture is fun in Pete's green room:

Dave and I dressed up as Goose and Maverick from Top Gun at a movie-themed birthday party of a good friend. Those are real flight suits. Real pilots don't actually wear them around their waist like that but they do in the movie! I should have had a mustache:

Dave's 8 month desire fulfilled when I made him the Applebee's secret recipe, White Chocolate and Walnut Blondie with Maple Butter Sauce cooked and served on our "skookie" skillets:

This year's cake endeavor for the Cub Scout Cake Auction (last year's and the year before). I stole the idea from my cousin, Meredith's blog. Such a fun cake to make and really yummy!

Kiddos at the Cub Scout Fundraiser. They did a Mario Kart tournament alongside the Derby Car race and I (ahem) got second place and was awarded a very cool MarioKart Wii t-shirt (in boys medium but it still fits great!).

A fun package in the mail with matching REI backpacks for the boys!! Thanks Grammy!

Pete is getting the hang of "cheese".

And the most recent trip to North Carolina. I love that we can just hop along with Dave on his more local work trips (6 hour drive, though). We got to stay in the same hotel that we stayed in for 2 weeks in January when Dave's mom came to visit us. The beach was awesome and the water was bathwater warm. We were there for 3 days and did the beach everyday. Successfully avoided Earl. Not many pictures were taken because it is really hard to get out the camera when you are having too much fun splashing around in the waves and not to mention all the sand on my hands.

The mountain Charlie and I made with the stick "flag" at the top.

And THAT, my friends, is the post of all posts.


AmyJane said...

I owe the library something like 25 dollars. It's the first fine I've ever had over a buck....seriously, ever! I'm kind of mortified about it, and thus keep not paying it (they don't cut you off until you owe 30 bucks). Anyhow, you've motivated me to write a check and take it in this week.
However, I DID manage to clean my long overdue bathrooms today. I'm always kind of stunned at how relatively quickly I can clean them even after I've put it off and put it off for weeks and weeks. It is nice to see them clean for at least a day though!

annie said...

well done friend, a post that impressive deserves a comment from one of your favorite cousin-in-laws:)

matt and michelle ray said...

Sounds like my life! Wasn't there a book out when we were younger called "I'm a day late and a dollar short"?! That would be me! Love all your pics and fun comings and goings! Ummm and how come I didn't know you are like a professional cake decorator?!! Very impressive! And as the winning bidder (does that make sense?) of the said watermelon cake, I can vouch for its delicousness!

Mad Hadder said...

FINALLY! Keep 'em coming! Fill up those backpacks and hit the trail.

Lana said...

that is a good update! you guys have been busy :)

Season said...

Pete is so charming. I could watch videos of him all day. What a fun August! And cleaning bathrooms is totally overrated anyway.

The Lawrences said...

So cute!! i love pete's cheese face!