Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What time is it?

I kind of have to apologize for my last post. I made it seem like I was having the absolute worst time in my life. By any means, please do not think I'm a wimp. Also I have to apologize to Charlie. I said, "He doesn't do sick well." True be know, Shelly doesn't do sick kids well. All is well now though, thanks for all your wishes well.

Back up a couple months, my mother came to visit in June. She brought a project and all I could do was grin and say, "Sure!" Though I would probably never attempt to do something like this on my own, I had fun doing it and the final result is so cute! I just wish they weren't so much work.

I finished this birthday banner up today, my second one (which I also gave away). I am just loving it. I was going to keep it for myself but .... it is going to a friend for her birthday. You know you've found a really good gift if you want to keep it for yourself. It happens to me ALL the time!

Answer #1: Its birthday time! (get it? with the clock...nyuck nyuck)

And up close for details:

Turns out my mom has started a little business and is selling these to raise money so she can go on a European Cruise with her best buds. If you want one: (Marilyn Hadd). Just a little plug, only because I think that cruise is going to be amazing!

P.S. Answer #2: Its time for Dave to come home!! I heard from Dave yesterday, actually, one day early! He's coming home tomorrow morning. Phew, I don't have to call Denali National Park with a trembling voice asking for a search party.

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Mad Hadder said...

No trembly voices today! Banner looks great! I'm cutting out six today. Love to all.