Sunday, March 7, 2010

First steps

Pete is venturing out, standing on his own and trying to take some steps. Just this afternoon. He is pretty excited about it. No video yet.

I just remember when Charlie started walking, it was so much fun. It was pure joy. It is such a fun time of development.

Other things happening:
I wish I could say we are enjoying our new kitty, Lady. I think Pete and Charlie love her to death. I am having a hard time getting used to the hair all over the place and the scratching on the carpet. I don't remember these things annoying me with the cats I had when I was younger.

One little thing about me. I have been blessed/cursed with a supersonic, super hero-caliber sense of smell. Now that being said, I'll tell you one thing that I KNOW I will not get used to and don't want to.

The smell of cat pee in my couch.

Sorry to be blunt. I can't even sit on my favorite cushion and type on my blog without wincing and gagging. And THEN we found a wet spot on our super comfortable chair the other day. Not 100% sure it was cat pee because the boys were playing with the water bottles around there. But it stinks. Dave comes home from Petco with "the stuff that works". A couple days later, after unzipping the cushion covers, dousing the cover and foam pads, airing it out, and covering it in Fabreeze, I can still smell it bad.

You better start showing some redeeming qualities, Lady. Or you're gonna find yourself hiking. I'm not above it.

Excuse me. I need to get up and find another smell-free seat so I watch the Oscars in peeeeeeace!


Misa said...

That's so exciting about Pete! One Noelle was doing that, basically the next day she was off zooming around everywhere! We really should have a play date soon! I need to practice my Japanese! I'm starting to get rusty! =)

Nicole said...

I'm all about making the mom's life easier. Give lady a hike! ;) Matt brought home a rabbit last week. He wants to let it run around....No problems yet except his hay and poop drops out of his cage and Luke and Lyd are all over him all the time. Ah! I just want my life to be easier. I want the same for you. Hopefully, Lady pulls it together or....hehe ;) Good luck super nose sniffer.

whitney said...

How old is Pete? I can totally sympathize with you about cat pee smell. That's the number one reason why I don't want a cat.

Tracy Giles said...

We love our cats ( at least I do), but we really hate all of the cat hair!! We don't have a pee problem, but I feel like I can't ever wear black. It's so annoying! Dying to see a video of Pete!

Liz said...

I say give Lady a hike too. Mainly because Izzy and I are allergic. So...I won't be able to come visit you ever. :( Plus I totally agree the cat pee is gross. And all the hair is definitely annoying.