Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yesterday's show is old hat!

I am absolutely amazed at the rate at which this whole developmental process happens. Last Friday (Feb. 29th) Dave was helping Charlie push one of those old school popcorn popper push toy thingies and when Dave let go Charlie took a few steps by "accident". A couple days later, it was a step or two, while holding something in each hand. Yesterday it was the post below. Today it is full on walking!!! I never knew this would be so much fun. And for some reason, the time for major developmental leaps is just before bed time.


Cassi said...

That is SO cute! He's doing really good for it just being a few days since he took his first steps! I love when they start out and they walk with their arms in front of them like that!

Mad Hadder said...

More! More! More!

Dad Stuff said...

Congrats Charlie. Now you're off to the races.
Great pics.