Monday, March 29, 2010

Soup buds

Seriously, bath time is the most fun that is had by anyone in our household. If I could, I would keep them in the bathtub all day long. They would shrivel up to little raisins, though, but at least they would be happy all day.

I love all the "vroom"/crashing sounds that Charlie makes as he's driving the foam cars around.

I LOVE the sounds Pete makes trying to copy Charlie.

I love scrubbing out all the peanut butter from their hair and getting in between the toes.

I love sitting back and watching them just play.

I love the wet spots I have on my pants when I stand up.

I love the towel-wrapped up kid, squirming to keep warm.

I love pausing at the mirror to let them see what they look like all wrapped up. They love it, too.

I love combing the clean hair and the smell of clean pj's.

And the smell of a nice, clean, little boy, just melts my heart and takes me to my favorite, happy place.

I'm sorry for the delay in video of walking Pete. Actually, he still isn't really walking that great. Charlie did it over night. It is taking Pete more time. I've tried to get him to walk on video lots of times and it just doesn't turn out right.

But I do have some fun "brothers" videos coming soon. I didn't realize that the video setting on my camera was on the high resolution (whatever you call it) and so a 1 min video is too big to upload directly to blogger.

And it takes SOOOOO long to upload it to youtube.

Just hang tight.


Lana said...

cute cute boys!

Nicole said...

they are so cute Shelly! ;)

Season said...

Those pictures are the most adorable things I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of adorable things in my day. What cute boys you have!!

Misa said...

Too cute!! LOVE the hair!!!

Mad Hadder said...

I want to climb in with them!