Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting settled in SA (for a month)

IMPORTANT NOTE: we are NOT moving to San Antonio.  I think we've scared a few people.  Sorry, my bad.  We are just here for a month while Dave does some training.  We are renting a furnished house and trying to keep things as close to our regular schedule as possible, with much playing on the side.  

We had a slight hiccup when we arrived in San Antonio.  Trying to find a place over the internet makes it difficult to know what kind of a place you are getting.  1st place we found, not so good.  2nd place, much better!  Unfortunately, the first place had the jacuzzi tub (pretty much its only redeeming quality) which we left behind.  Good thing we got to use it.  The bubbles looked so soft and Rosie wanted in too; I couldn't resist putting on my swimsuit and joining them!

 The new place is cleaner, closer to the nicer side of town, and just overall gives a better "I can stay here for a month" feeling.  There is lots of space to run around, a fenced-in back yard (though the mosquitoes are relentless!), washer/dryer, dish washer, and all the fun stuff a vacation home should have.  It even came with toys!

Our first venture into downtown by myself was quite interesting.  Eventually, I found the Children's Museum and the Riverwalk.  This was just a sneak peak for us.  We have friends who live here who will give us the official tour of the Alamo and surrounding historical sights.  It was slightly tricky to maneuver with a stroller but we had pizza and spent waaaaay too much on a piece of chocolate each. 

The Children's Museum:

 Charlie's hands.

Inside a bubble.

Pete milking a cow, fake but almost real!  Water actually came out.  

Pete checking out at the grocery store.  They L.O.V.E.D. this play grocery store.  It was amazing to me that they knew right what to do.  It was like they entered another realm where they were in charge, hustling and bustling about, shopping, checking out, putting things back where they go, filling up the cart to the rim and doing it all over again.  

Petting the albino Ball Python.

Petting the Bearded Dragon.

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The two old crows said...

Glad to know you are coming back. I've missed you guys at church.