Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The drive down days 1-2

(first time using this blogger app for my phone, we'll see how it goes)

Just a little taste of what we've been doing:
We left at 7:30 pm Sunday night and drove until 2:00 am. We stayed in Abingdon, VA. I'm not so much about driving into the night. At least I'm learning that about myself. But man those pillows felt so good!

We've watched a couple movies, a few episodes of season 5 Gilmore Girls (mother's day gift), played I Spy, sang pirate songs, snacked, crocheted, and slept. We drove past Davey Crocket's birthplace and contemplated Dollywood and Smokey Mountains National Park but decided to just keep moving.

We stopped in Knoxville TN at a park for lunch. Sidenote: We just recently watched Blind Side which was filmed in Knoxville. We met a nice family at the park and discovered that this world is, yet again, small. Another story for another day.

We made our way to Meridian, MS, a pretty nice little place that also has a Naval Air Station. We stayed in a Country Inn and Suites with way nice amenities that we didn't get to use. Nice exercise room and indoor pool and spa. Dang! Oh well, back on the road again.

Note: Do Not stop for a police in Mississippi. There are reports of someone posing as a cop. Two people have died! What?...I say what?

Next stop: New Orleans to enjoy some good Po'boy. (if that is wrong, I'm only showing that I know absolutely nothing about N'Orleans, which is why we wanna go there!)

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Aaron said...

YAy for road trips! Glad it's going good!