Saturday, June 11, 2011

We have full bars here...and other happenings

And we have all sizes!

Who doesn't enjoy some good tummy time, huh?

Dave took the boys to a high school graduation party of a friend's and they passed out these 2011 glasses. The number 2011 is the biggest number Charlie knows. Every time we did calendar time at our preschool we recited the year along with the date. Now, if there is a whole lot of something, there are 2011 of them. Its a big number.

I want to know what happened to the days when I would wake up and feel like being a superhero--cape, rain boots and all. Those had to have been pretty good days.

Dave (yes my husband, Dave) scored big this morning as he rounded the boys up, got in the van and went yard saling (saleing...sailing...). $3 for a shiny, red tricycle for Pete and $3 for a "Huffy Rock It" bike with training wheels for Charlie. This great find left lots of room in the budget to go ahead and get the really cool helmets! (Spiderman and Transformers)

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