Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I can't complain Day: 7, 8 & 9

Who ever heard of getting a hair cut on vacation?? Well, you have it here, folks. I was getting tired of the shaggy pictures. We needed a "We're ready for summer" look. So I got myself some new shears (needed them anyway) and got to clippin'. I never get sick of the "before and after" pictures of hair cuts.



Around nap time, we headed north to Miami, looking for the beaches. Both little boys got some snoozing in the car. Driving through Miami was really fun. Big tall buildings and palm trees. It took us awhile to get there (traffic and finding a parking spot) so we didn't get on the beach until after 4:00. Dave and Mike (co-worker) met us there.

The 4th iconic picture of Dave and I on the beaches of Florida. (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) Man, we are looking like parents, or something. What I'm not including is a picture of me in my flattering maternity swimsuit. Only the lucky few Floridians who happened to be on the beach that day were privy to that sight.

Next we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe which was well past bed time. Pete gets real mischievous after hours. Here is Dave trying to control the screaming in an already noisy restaurant!

Awww, cute! Charlie and Mike. Mike is such a nice guy. He bought us all some yummy nachos to share. He also goes out of his way to hit all the Hard Rock Cafes in his travels just so he can pick up milk shake glasses and stuffed bear souvenirs for his sister and aunt.

Remember that pirate ship outside our hotel featured on days 3 & 4?

Well, we got to ride it today!! I had to round up some rented kids life jackets (required for under 6). We skipped nap time for Pete (bit us back in the end with a total meltdown before dinner, fell asleep on Dad's lap, and got put down to bed for the night) but heck, how many times do you get to ride on a real pirate ship??!! We lubed up on sunscreen and prepared for a 2 hour voyage on Queen Anne's Revenge II.

Looking up to the front at Captain Ron...

...and to the back at First Mate Don.

Pete was hesitant most of the trip. I don't know why, the boat never went faster than maybe 8 miles an hour. We got to help raise the sails and once we got out there, they cut the motor and we were really coasting! (maybe 3 miles an hour) It was so relaxing, though, with the warm wind just the right temperature. I think we were dragging on the bottom because the water is so shallow. We were kicking up lots of dirt and they kept referring to it as our tractor trail, sowing all sorts of vegetable seeds. It took us (there was another family of 3 with us) a bit to catch on, as it must have been a long standing Captain-First Mate joke.

"Captain Charlie" got to steer for most of our trip!

Pete hopped up there for 5 seconds before he started to whine.

Happy sailors! Pete warmed up when we were about 5 minutes from home and really got excited when he saw Dad waving from the shore.

Aaaannnd we are nearing the end of our trip and my camera battery! (Nope we didn't bring the charger.) We'll see what adventure tomorrow holds before we fly back home on Friday.


The two old crows said...

wow you are having such a great time. It makes me a little jealous.

Mad Hadder said...

Whoopeee!! Did you get seasick? If you were at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, then you were EXACTLY where J and I stayed for a few days on Mike's yacht!!! Did you see all the magnificent sand sculptures on the beach in Miami? AAAARRRGGGHHHH! Now that your boys have tasted adventure on the high seas, you shuldn't be surprised if they "enter a life of pirating" instead of college and missions!!! Ha ha.

Tom Giles said...

no fair.