Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pete and the big 1, 2

I'm a bit late, but Pete turned 2.
He requested a rocket ship cake, so here was my attempt (not my best):

Don't you love the Fonz look?

The latest Pete talkings:
"Oh man!" --when something goes wrong
"I'll do it!!" --he's becoming very independent
"Milk please, mom" --said in the sweetest voice no one could possibly resist.
"Baby sister" --pointing to my belly
"Julie" --when I asked him what we should name our baby sister. There ya go.

A bit about Pete:

He L.O.V.E.S. his big brother, Charlie and is usually only .5 seconds behind him, imitating him in exactness.

Pete is always up for a party, is a bit of a showoff, but can be shy among strangers.

His silent fits (protesting by just lying on the floor) last but a few minutes and then he's fine.

When it is just Pete and me, it is the easiest thing I have ever had to do.

His sweet eyes cut to your very soul and I can't stay mad at him for very long.

He is very forgiving and is always quick to apologize.

His favorite game to play is "Duck Duck Goose" and his favorite song to sing is "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".

To Pete, any big building with a pointy top is labeled a temple.

He loves soft, fuzzy, cuddly things. Thus we got him a doggy Pillow Pet for his birthday.

He is a great sleeper and usually naps for 3-4 hours in the afternoon.

He never fails to point out a distant siren, an airplane/jet/helicopter, the moon, or a bird.

Pete has a bit of a sweet-tooth (a boy after my own heart) and will do anything for a treat.

This little guy steals my heart daily. He is so sweet and has a heart of gold. So glad you came to us, Pete!


matt and michelle ray said...

pete is such a cutie! we love him too!

The Ainas said...

He is SO cute! And you are totally right about his eyes! ;) Happy Birthday Pete! :)

Season said...

What a handsome little man in that vest! I think the rocket cake looks great! Better than anything I could whip up.

Tracy Giles said...

Happy Birthday!!! Great job on his cake, I like the stars around it - very cute. Glad he had a fun birthday.