Monday, November 1, 2010

Life is a hay ride

I just love the little pumpkin farm we visit every year. Super cheesy, but man nothing is better than that hay ride. I feel like I've jumped right into an Anne of Green Gables movie.

The close up.

All nice and zoomed out, i.e. no nose hairs or goop in the teeth.

Tunneling Charlie.

Pete found his!

This picture cracks me up. Charlie is mad at the wind for blowing, of all things. A boy after my own heart, what can I say.


Season said...

Cute pictures! And I tell you—I've had many tiffs with the wind as well. I don't blame Charlie one bit.

Mad Hadder said...

I hate the wind as well. Let's get a petition!!

Tracy Giles said...

Pete is looking so big!! I guess it has been awhile since I've seen him. It's amazing how fast they grow up! I can't wait to see you at Christmas. We are going to have such a good time!!