Friday, May 8, 2009

Heavy rains

Thursday we had some pretty heavy rains roll in and just dump on us. I got a little bit on video, however, it wasn't the worst of it. I was worried about my garden and newly planted flower seedlings. We'll see if they survive. But the garden seems to be fine. You can watch as the house across the street disappears as the rain gets heavier and heavier.

Being in a construction zone, the rain blasts just filled the streets with rivers of mud.

The winds even carried a big green garbage container into our back yard.

Unfortunately, my Callas were flattened. So they've become our Mother's Day flowers. I think I may make my own corsage to wear on Sunday.


The two old crows said...

I love those thunder and lightening storms we have here in Maryland. I love to hear the rain. It reminds me when our family was young and we would live in Skull Valley,at the ranch, in Tooele county for the summer and the storms would roll thru every afternoon.

Weatherspoon Family said...

It always rains in Florida like that. It is a white out when you try driving in it. They call Florida the sunshine state but during the summer months - it is definitely not always sunshine.