Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our monkey's monkey

In anticipation of the new baby, for Christmas, Charlie was given a baby doll with several outfits, bottles, pacifier, etc. We practiced taking care of the baby doll so he would be able to keep busy while I took care of the new baby. I guess we can't dictate everything they do...the baby doll has been replace by this monkey. This monkey and I have a long history. It was given to me by a roommate at BYU and his name is actually Bongo. (Thanks, Anna)
Monkey gets a fresh diaper change everyday, he gets a ride in the baby swing, and he even gets nursed! (quirky)



Tracy Giles said...

Hooray . . . that video is sooo cute! Isn't it fun to watch them take car of a doll/stuffed animal. Lily is always putting her toys in the baby swing, the crib, basically anything that belongs to Harrison. She hasn't yet tired to nurse any of them, but I have had several friends prepare me for that. Glad to see he is adjusting well to being the big brother! We can't wait to see you guys this summer. I'm so glad that we have little guys that are close in age. Think of all the fun (or trouble) Pete and Harrison will have together.

Weatherspoon Family said...

Cute video!! Smart little guy.

jenbulkley said...

Hey Shelly, is it okay if use some cute pics of your family for Grandpa's funeral. I was just going to cut and paste from your blog. This is last minute. I feel like there needs to be pics of the grand kids and great grand kids at the funeral. Also, how can I contact your brothers. Call me 435 637 0626 Jen

Nicole said...

haha I love it! ;)