Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grandpa Irving Giles

This is me, Shelly, with my Grandpa Giles. My Grandpa passed away last week. I was unable to go to Utah for the funeral service.
-Tall, skinny. I always had to crank my neck to look at him.
-"Punky, Punky, Punky" (him calling their cat)
-When I was little, we went through an automatic carwash. The optical illusion made it seem like the car was moving through the brushes rather than the brushes passing over the car. I asked Grandpa who was making the car move and he replied, "The little man down by the gas pedal, can't you see him?? Ya, he's down there." I totally believed him.
-Feeding Dolly, their dog, and taking her for walks.
-Eating dinner, watching Wheel-of-Fortune, and Punky Brewster.
-Going on walks through their desert backyard and around the golf course in St. George, UT.
-He was always teasing me, trying to fool me into believing something totally off-the-wall.
-He was a very kind, lighthearted man.

He is survived by my Grandma Giles. I remember Grandpa always saying, or Grandma always telling me (whichever one) that Grandpa would pass away first and he wanted Grandma to be taken care of until they were able to be together again.


Tracy Giles said...

Sorry you didn't get to go to the funeral. I did enjoy seeing all the pictures from it. That is a cute photo of you. You said that he would always try to get you to believe off the wall things -- that is exactly what Tag does to Lily. It's pretty funny. Lily's response is always, "Dad, are you teasing me?" Maybe that is where Tag gets it from!!

The two old crows said...

I'm sorry about your Grandpa, it sounds like you have great memories of him and that is neat.
That is a great picture of you two

jenbulkley said...

those are nice memories