Monday, September 22, 2008

County fair

The fair animals were a lot of fun this year because last year Charlie didn't know what his animals were. We saw pigs, goats, cows, horses, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. This particular goat aimed a colossal spraying SNEEZE right into Charlie's face. It was pretty funny.

These were Clydesdale Horses and they were absolutely beautiful and HUGE! (A nice flattering shot of Charlie.)

This guy had an itch, just right there. The crowd at the gate were all making satisfying "Ah, that's it, right there" sounds for him as he scratched. The look on the horse's face was so telling, as he rubbed and rubbed.

Well, he may have pushed and rubbed and scratched a little too hard because...

He broke the fence!!

He neighbor thought it was a nice scratching post, though there was a huge nail sticking out, so I tried to keep him away from it until the guy in charge showed up.

Our stroller must have looked tasty.

Sorry for the behind shot, but this sheep was enjoying a nice blow dry that I couldn't pass up.

Charlie and the chickens...

Charlie, smiley Kale and the turkeys...


Mad Hadder said...

"We went to the animal fair. The birds and the beasts were there. A big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair." What fun!! I can see Charlie's IQ going up!!!! KaChing!!!

Tracy Giles said...

How fun!!!! Looks like a great time, I wish we were there with you.