Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parades and car shows

A hot, Saturday in May, spent going to a parade and a car show:

 Here are the boys ready with their bags to collect treats being handed out.  

 I thought these little guys were so cute!!  Their little bow ties..."Gentlemen on a Mission," love it!!

 Hey, we'll take anything they hand out!!

 Charlie was brave enough to run out in the street, abandon his bag of treats, and hop in the back of this loudly, honking vehicle.  Good thing his dad was driving.  What a guy!

 Fast forward to the car show where all the tactical vehicles were on display.  

 What kid has never dreamed of sitting in a real police car with free reign of all the noise making buttons???

 A real live race car.  The seat was so low their heads barely came up to the steering wheel.

 A stroll down to the beach...
(I like that Pete's "cheese" smile has toned down a bit.  It is very pleasant now."

 Me and Dave...garsh


 Nap time for this sweet girl.

 Dipping our feet...

Oh man, that felt good on my toes!

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