Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goings on

Its almost been a whole month since I last posted. Time is strange. The minutes are long, the days fly by.

Sometimes I get lost in Rosie's eyes. She captivates me and time stands still. Then I wake up and realize she is almost 8 months!!

We started a new family thing, though. Family back rubs!

Here's Rosie getting in the mix.

I don't know why, but it took me until the 3rd kid to figure out how to do homemade baby food. It is soooo simple and I love doing it! Here are Pom-Pear and Pom-Apple (with pomegranate juice). Dave got me this great book with lots of fun simple recipes. Rose loves 'em!

Rosie and I watching the boys play in the snow.

A few falling flakes are big news around here.

They were sooooo disappointed when it didn't continue snowing over night.

We're gearing up for the boys' birthdays. This week is Charlie and in a couple weeks is Pete. Stay tuned for the cake of the century!!!


The Ainas said...

Well I know I will be coming to you when this baby girl starts eating food! I want to make my own this time! :)

Season said...

Oooooh, family backrub chains. Good idea, guys. Good idea.