Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Visit from Grammy, cookies, and Ft. Henry

 I don't know how this happened, but we had a visit from Grammy for 10 days and didn't get one single picture with Grammy in it!!  However, we have lots of pictures of evidence that Grammy was here:

Picture #1:  This isn't what you think.  Hee hee.  This is actually a big blob of double chocolate chip cookies.  We made 9 batches of cookie dough and froze them.  Now whenever we need some Grammy cookies, we just go down to the freezer and cook 'em up!
Picture #2:  Many messes were made while Grammy was here.

Picture #3:  Still in pajamas half way through the day, making their own mess in the kitchen.  Definitely Grammy's doing.

Picture #4-16:  We took a day trip to Baltimore and Inner Harbor.  Grammy was meeting with some friends down at Inner Harbor in this picture.  So she is actually in the background somewhere.  We are atop the hill at Fort Henry. 

This hill was much steeper than this picture portrays.

Picture #17:  Evidence that Grammy was here---new toys!!  Now I have a couple of cowboys on my hands.  Thanks for the great visit, Grammy.  Hope to see you at Christmas!!


The two old crows said...

It is so much fun when Grammy comes I can tell.

Tracy Giles said...

Grammy visits are the best! You have two super cute cowboys :)