Friday, April 22, 2011

As good as it gets...

Last week, we took off for DC for the day because we (so sadly) missed the majority of the Cherry Blossom Festival this year. A mixture of horrrrible weather and busy-at-work-Dave kept us home during the height of the blossoms. But we drove down to East Potomac Park and found some late bloomers. It was beautiful along the river and we were the ONLY ones there!

I love this shot of all the boys.

Look closely at Pete's tongue...he does this lately when he laughing, it is so funny!

Pete has a nice little seat on my belly these days. Baby sister always kicks back, though. Sorry, sis, but you are going to have to get used to these boys.

Our attempt at setting up the camera on a stump with the timer...

It was pretty windy by the river and kinda chilly.

Soooo, we headed to the National Zoo! It really was the perfect day. All the animals were out. It must have been "show off your baby at the zoo day". The ratio of pregnant ladies to non-pregnant people (both male and female) was totally and completely skewed towards the pregnant side! It was almost ridiculous. Lots of babies (human ones) were strapped to the front and back of mamas and papas too.

The Red Pandas were one of our favorites. They came up close to the fence and ate their lunch of bamboo while we were there.

Pete is missing from this picture because the big bronze panda scared him.

Seeing the Pandas at the zoo is always so fun. This was the first time I've seen them outside because the few times I've been to visit before, they have been inside under surveillance because of possible pregnancies, etc.

Orangutans are so funny. He's sticking a carrot out of his mouth at all of us watching.

The baby gorilla, who is one month older than Pete (2), was such a hoot! He was totally annoying every grown-up gorilla in there and everyone kept chasing him around. My monkey boys thought he was thoroughly entertaining.

This Giant Anteater was supposed to have a new baby (born in Dec.) too but it wasn't out. Such strange creatures and can you imagine a mini one running around??

And if walking around at the zoo wasn't enough, we had to top the day off with a trip to Ikea. We found a new dresser drawer for baby's room. My legs were shot by the end of the day!

Those boys were tuckered out, man!

We had such a great day. Everyone was in good spirits, the weather was perfect, we had such a good time. These kind of flawless days don't come around all the time.

Here is a vid of the 7 (!!!) lion cubs. There is just something chilling about the roar of a live lion. It shakes the ground beneath.

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Season said...

I love zoos!! That orangutan is a definite ham, I can just tell. And I love how Pete sleeps with his blanket in his mouth.