Monday, February 15, 2010

Little tid bits

...About Pete:

Signs: bird, dog, juice, milk, eat, all done, more, please, thank you, turn around (we made up this sign--actually Pete mimicked us waving a circle with our hands, telling him to turn around to go down the stairs)

Words: cracker, mama, dada, this, that, 'ish (fish), hi

Some of Pete's favorite things:
His big brother, Charlie
Blankie (he stuffs it in his mouth as far as it will go and sucks on it. It gets stinky and I have to wash it every couple of days)
Playing on the stairs
Climbing on anyone sitting on the floor
Waving out the window at whoever is leaving
Riding in the wagon
Dancing to any kind of music
Unrolling the toilet paper
Snuggling and giving hugs
Pulling books off the shelves

Things Pete doesn't like so much:
Getting his face and nose wiped
Getting his diaper changed
Being ignored (pretty much like anyone else)
Not being allowed to play with Charlie's toys

This video was taken a few weeks ago. Pete is doing a favorite task of pulling books off the shelf. I love that he was excited to find his favorite book and was really interested in reading this particular book. Please ignore the mom obsessed with getting him to say "Hi" to the camera. Its just that he is so sweet when he waves and says "Haaaa". Oh well.


Season said...

He's looking so grown up all of a sudden!! And good choice of books, Petey. Eric Carle is a winner.

Tom Giles said...

picking things up IS really hard. I tried to pick up a book the other day but instead I just kept picking up socks. Curse you hand!! Just pick up what I'm looking at!!