Sunday, February 28, 2010


We got a kitty. We went to our local animal shelter, picked her out and then a week or so later we picked her up from the vet after her surgeries were done. We like her. She is still getting used to us. We don't know how long she was stray but she seems pretty accustomed to being around people. She is about a year old.

Charlie just absolutely LOVES her. "She is so cute," he always says. Pete loves her too. He signs "cat" and meows when he sees her.
(Charlie chose to wear his basketball outfit this day. It is the same colors as Lady. Coincidence? I think not!)

A funny story:
We brought Lady home on Thursday. Saturday, I had just gotten home from being gone all morning and was bringing stuff in from the car. Lady was last seen in the kitchen and we were pretty sure she didn't get outside...but not TOTALLY sure. After awhile of not seeing her, we all conducted a house wide search for Lady. We started on the first floor (the playroom) and looked everywhere. We moved upstairs and searched under everything, the couch, in all the cupboards in the kitchen. We then moved up stairs to the bedrooms. We checked under all the beds, in all the closets, under the dressers. No Lady. Well we must have missed something downstairs. Our house isn't THAT big. She HAS TO BE HERE SOMEWHERE! So we went back downstairs and searched everywhere a second time. Back upstairs...again. Pulled EVERYTHING out from under the bed. Back downstairs again! We were totally stumped! Where could she be!??
Finally, we thought we'd better go searching outside. So we piled the boys in the wagon to take a walk. When we got back, Lady was sitting at the top of the stairs, with a "Jokes on you guys" look on her face. She must had found a great spot. Later that evening she "escaped" to her perfect hiding spot...behind the fridge!

You really can't tell from this picture how narrow it is between the wall and the fridge.

And she doesn't come out until she wants to!


Mad Hadder said...

She's so pretty!! I wish I could squeeze behind a fridge too. I'm betting she doesn't answer the phone when she's back there either. Or worry about getting her visiting teaching done...

Taggart said...

Nice comment Mom. Considering it IS the last day of the month.

Mad Hadder said...

Actually mine was done two weeks ago, thank you. It just came to mind as something I have consistent guilt about.

ned or may said...

We need a new kitty in our house. I found another "pile" just moments ago! When is enough--enough? Hope Lady gets used to her new home, soon.