Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beach Birthday

Two weeks on the beaches of North Carolina:

-a 3rd birthday with Lightning McQueen cake
-lots of time with Grandma
-a great trip to the aquarium
-a children's museum
-eating out lots
-walks on the beach (some were warm, some were very windy and cold)
-a train museum

(It's spinach pasta)

Birthday dinner and beginning of Charlie's love for spinach.

Charlie did very well this birthday. A big tool o-bento box (on the table)...

and a Superman cape!!

He sure had fun with this one. Very nicely made by his Grammy. Everyone at the hotel recognized him as Superman.


matt and michelle ray said...

So glad you guys made it back through all the snow! I was worried!

Looks like you had fun! And the hotel looks awesome! Hope you were able to get some rest and came home feeling refreshed!

You were missed!

Taggart said...

Now time to develop an alias. You can't just walk around being superman all the time.

The two old crows said...

Kewel trip and Happy Birthday Charlie.

Lana said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!! Looks like a super great trip!

Weatherspoon Family said...

Where in NC were you. We've been to the NC coast before. Fun!

Tracy Giles said...

It does look like he had a great birthday! I want a cape like that!

Season said...

A cape automatically makes birthdays ten times cooler. Happy birthday to Charlie!