Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A day for milestones

Hot off the press:

All in one day, on a day that he is very sick and cranky, mind you, Pete has decided to climb and crawl. Take a look:

I came downstairs from putting Charlie down for a nap and found Pete had climbed up a step. Time to get our second gate.

I took a series of videos of Pete crawling but unfortunately this is the best of the bunch. But you do get a nice rear view of the cute little swivel bum.

Clarifying Note:
My husband told me I made it sound like Pete is just now getting around. On the contrary! He has been doing the "army crawl" for about 4 months. He has just chosen to change his mode, that's all.


Season said...

Hooray for Pete! Boy, he moves quicker than me. And what a darling little swivel bum.

Tracy Giles said...

Way to go, Pete! Now you can keep up with your big brother!