Monday, July 20, 2009

Jumping by twos!

Generally, Charlie is a pretty cautious person. He doesn't take the physical challenges that maybe some kids would. He is pretty good on his feet, doesn't fall down the stairs, doesn't do much crazy climbing. I guess I was kind of lucky to not to have to save him from a falling bookcase or the such. It was pretty fun when he started jumping off the bottom step of our stairs. Now he's doing two!! And he really dives into that jump. Here are some fun shots:

For those of you to whom I relayed the "pacifier detox" story, the two cars he is holding are the replacements, Lightening McQueen and Doc Hudson.


The two old crows said...


Miss K said...

WOW..he is looking so old. We love your blog and getting to see your family...since we are so bad at keeping in touch. Your little guys are just so cute!
Love, Dave, Kansas, Griffin and Scarlett

momomom said...

Awesome! Happy anniversary tomorrow!
love, me