Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day Out with Thomas

A day trip to the B&O Railroad Museum to see the Thomas Train:

This is Sir Topham Hatt, the conductor. Charlie kept saying, "No, its not my turn, not my turn!"

Charlie's first temporary tatoo.

And the one and only Thomas the Tank Engine!!

These guys were so excited, they were jumping out of their pants!!

Train passengers:

Our friends, Kay, AJ, and Cona.

He is just looking so grown up in these pictures.

Cheeks are rosy from jumping around in the air thingy, what's it called? See video below.

"Good-bye, Thomas!"


The Ogden Family said...

we have attended the day out with thomas here in MN twice...looks to be exactly the same! this weekend we are going to thomas live! did you ever expect to see so much train action? ah, mothers of boys...

momomom said...

no way, where is that at? Michael would die.