Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday big bud!

The unbelievable has happened...my little guy has turned 2-years-old. Everyday in my prayers, I'm so thankful that Charlie came to our family. He is such a fun little guy and we have such a good time with him. The first year went by very slowly and the second year happened in an instant! I CAN believe that we are having another baby, but I CAN'T believe that Charlie is two. Here's to you, Charlie! May your coming years be full of adventure and as happy as your first two.

We had a little cupcake party with some of his friends last Friday. Thanks for all the neat gifts!

Thomas Train stuff, yes!

The line up of all the kids...

A blow-up of the "cheese" smile.

Picture with Dad, on his actual birthday (26th)...

Picture with mom and baby brother (coming soon...)

(Sorry for the wash-out look at the end. My camera didn't quite adjust after we turned on the lights.)


Rob and Christina Watson said...

I know I really should comment on the most recent post but I just had to say how cute that little charlie is! I love how he can blow out the candles. And was he singing along with you in "happy birthday"? So cute! We love you Charlie!

Tracy Giles said...

Happy Birthday Charlie. I don't suppose his birthday gift arrived. It looks like he had a ton of fun. I wish we lived closer to you guys so we could actually be at family birthday parties. He's so cute and he's getting so big!