Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween fun

Here's our little Stinker.

Back view...

Eating their spoils from the cupcake walk...

Left to right: Star-bellied Sneetch, Skunk, Reaper, Kale the Fireman, Rob and Christina BYU fans.

Fishing for fun.

Not sure if Charlie really "got" this game but after standing in line watching all the other kids try to eat their donuts without hands, Charlie just reached up and grabbed the donut and put it in his mouth. Just like that.

In the R.S. room dancing to the "Thriller" music video (FYI: Thriller is 25 years old Oct. 29th, the night of our party.) We had to wear glow-in-the-dark teeth while we danced.

Don't look too closely, the eyes are a little scary!

All in all, it was a great Halloween party. Charlie just followed all the steps pretty emotionlessly. As soon as we got home, the excitement caught up with him and he was bouncing off the walls, reliving the whole night. He had a pretty good time. And so did we, watching him.


The two old crows said...

That little Charlie is soooo cute. Glad he had a great time.

Rob and Christina Watson said...

That was a pretty fun party, wasn't it?! And I love those little teeth!

Lady Susan said...

So, I think my favorite picture is the one where Dave and Charlie are eating the spoils from the cupcake walk. Charlie looks like he is doped up on sugar. (in a very cute way of course!)