Thursday, July 3, 2008

High heels

I had to split this clip into 2 because it was too long for my computer to download from my camera (under 2 min, whoa!) Dave thinks that little bit at the end is especially funny.


Tracy Giles said...

He looks great in heels! Looks like you guys are having such a fun summer. When do you leave for Idaho? I bet your mom is so excited!

Cassi said...

How cute! He can walk pretty good in those! It's the getting them on and off that's the hard part! :)

Jade and Todd said...

Hey!!I found both you and Tag from your mom's blog!!Im so glad to see what you and your cute family are up to!!Jade

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

My 6 year old still runs away with my shoes...not high heels but flip flops and slippers. Never ends. :)

Toones in a Bucket said...


What a good looking little chap! He gets his legs from his mother. Nice.

How are you?