Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Face Painting

Today we went to Dave's work picnic party. There was a clown, animal balloons, door prizes, and good food. The clown was a big guy and kind of boisterous. Charlie wasn't too sure of him and when he wanted to paint Charlie's hand he started crying. He was able to finish Charlie's paint on his hand, nonetheless and I got a flower on my cheek. Charlie wasn't too sure about this clown painting his mom's face either. Way past nap time (thus the pacifier) didn't help either, but I explained it was like a sticker, which he loves! By the end of the day, Charlie was saying "purple".

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josie said...

how cute! I want a flower on my cheek and the little boy is a beautiful acsessory as well. This is josie(ipsen) ans I thought i would say hi to an old lakette friend.