Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Playing Pretend with Charlie

I didn't know playing pretend would start so young. He's only 14 months! All day he has been running around with the lid of my hair mousse, pretending it is a cup. He'll take sips from it regularly, smacking his lips after. This isn't just a bring-to-the-lips-and-make-a-sipping-noise kind of drink. He throws his head back, lifting the cup, and chugs it!
I get to drink from the cup too! He holds it up to my lips, I take a "sip", then smack my lips, and sign and say "Thank you".

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Sara"Fantabulous" Smith said...

Hey guys! In my head, Charlie is still 3 months old so you can imagine my surprise when you wrote that he was 14 months! Wow - does time fly and he is just really cute!