Sunday, January 20, 2008

Emerging Comedian

This Sunday afternoon, we were hoping Charlie would take a nap so we could get our Sunday afternoon nap, too. Though tired he may have been, the nap didn't happen. Instead, he was content to play in the living room by himself for about 2 hours. It always happens that the really funny stuff happens before you are able to grab the camera. So this may not seem as funny to you as it was to us.
Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe I present to you, one week shy of his 1st birthday, Charlie the baby comedian!!!! Give him a big round of applause!


The Mortensens said...

What a doll, I can't believe he is almost 1! Too crazy. Charlie is a cute little guy!

Mad Hadder said...

Do you think there's any "money" in Charlie? Remember when we took Thomas to the modeling agency in NJ? They thought Taggart should be our focus, but they also wanted $400. At least Charlie should enter a contest! Find one of those!

Shelly said...

mad hadder,
I entered a picture of Charlie in the Regis and Kelly cute baby contest. We'll find out next month. Some of those online cute baby contests want a bunch of money just to enter. Not for me.