Monday, July 9, 2007

Moving right along...

Well, the Myers' residence is no longer Minneapolis, MN. "Where did you move?" you ask? Here comes the fuzzy part. We actually don't know where we are moving. "Why are you moving?" you ask? Well, Dave graduated and is job searching. Shelly finished her masters and will be staying home with Charlie for the time being. We know we want to move closer to family which is in the general direction of West. Currently, all our "stuff" is in moving pods in storage in MN, awaiting direction for a move. We loaded our vehicles with enough supplies for a month and drove to Montana and then down to Idaho and Utah. Shelly is at Grandma Hadd's and Dave is somewhere in the Uinta Mountains. Wish us luck in the job search and we'll keep you posted with our vagabond adventures.

Charlie--already showing signs of wanting to drive. No, Charlie, you may not take the truck for the weekend.


Jackie said...

Hi Shells!

Wow, I can't believe you are already done with your masters. That deserves a huge congratulations! By the way, I'm heading out to Utah in mid August to go to my brother's graduation. So if your travels lead you to Provo around that time, we should definitely catch up.



Jenny said...

Congratulations! That is no small thing getting your masters and having a baby. We wish you the best in searching for a job. Keep us posted.

The Fifes

Tracy Giles said...

Come stay with us for a bit! We would love to see you and Lily is just dying to get to know her only cousin!!

Shae said...

We miss you! I hope you have a great vacation and good luck with the job hunt! Charlie is So cute!